F15C/D HUD Camera

The F-15C/D Multi Stage Improvement Program (MSIP), HUD camera is a new configuration working in conjunction with Video Improvement TCTO 1F-15-1481.

The camera looks directly into the HUD-combining glasses and accurately records the HUD symbology and outside world, permitting accurate recording of precisely what the pilot sees with no Boresighting Errors.

Key Features

  • Automatic lens/iris exposure control for flicker less HUD symbology recording.
  • Increases resolution and colour separation.
  • No over-the-nose vision blockage compared to existing HUD camera.
  • Large dynamic light range - 26.5 f-stops.
  • Extended low light level recording (.35 LUX).
  • Intended low-light level coverage including night recording.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), S/N Ratio increases to –18dB, (6 full f-stops).
  • No mechanical changes to the aircraft, uses MSIP camera mounting.
  • Extended coverage of field of view, 321 milliradians
  • Aircraft glare shield provided as part of camera.
  • Minimum changes to the aircraft.

F15E HUD Camera - Photo-Sonics

Photo-Sonics offers a new camera approach based upon a HUD camera presently being flown on the U.S.A.F. F-15E “Strike Eagle”.

Key Features

  • Two-piece camera.
  • Can be utilized on either day or night missions.
  • Provides automatic gain control (AGC) extending the low light level recording capability.
  • The periscope is physically separated from the electronic unit and connected by a cable.
  • The new periscope is attached on top of the front control panel and looks directly through the combining glass of the HUD. The look angle is changed by the periscope mounting bracket, then accurately records what the pilot sees.
  • No Boresighting errors.
  • This system will provide target definition at slant ranges from 5,000-6,000ft.
  • The electronics, lenses, and all other parts of the system are completely interchangeable.

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F15 HUD Camera Inset

F15 Hud Camera

F15 HUD Camera Installation


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