More Telemetry Questions

We intend to use the thermocouple channels with N TYPE thermocouples, does your system support these types?

Yes, the telemetry systems will support N type thermocouples with the appropriate lookup table.


In it's simplest form, a shunt calibration switches out one of the active bridges on a strain gauge with a resistor of known value. This enables calibration of the system to be set.

Can more than one Datatel Telemetry module be used at the same time?

Yes, frequencies of transmission can be set during manufacture so multiple transmitters can be used.

I don't really want to use Inductive Power coupling, what other options do I have?

You can use Batteries or if you have a dc power source on the rotating component, this can be used instead.

I only have very limited space available and I don't think a standard module will fit. What can I do?

We have numerous configurations available for our telemetry systems. Give us a call and we can discuss customised solutions that can be manufactured to fit almost any shape or form you require.

What is the Maximum RPM speed your systems can handle?

RPM is not a problem in itself but care must be taken to calculate the G loading on the system. We have modules rated above 160,000 G.

Do your systems need to be rotating to operate?

No, our systems will work in a stationary mode.

What happens if I need more channels than I originally requested?

More channels can be added by simply attaching another module and the required receiver card to the system rack, so long as space is available.

Can your systems be submerged in oil?

Yes, all our systems can operate in oils, water and other liquids without any undue effect on performance.

What happens if one of my sensors shorts out or goes bad?

Datatel Telemetry systems offer full galvanic isolation on every module, thus ensuring that should one channel fails, the remaining channels will be unaffected.

What diagnostic features do your systems have?

All modules have:

  • Voltage reporting and or a watchdog to inform the user of supplu problems
  • A watchdog to warn the user if the channel fails
  • An RF level reporting LED Bargraph
  • A Signal LED Bargraph
  • Shunt calibration
  • Auto Zero to compensate for any imbalance of the strain gauge bridge.

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