Our Products

For nearly 50 years Photo-Sonics International Ltd. have been a leading supplier of Flight Test & Specialist Instrumentation. Our knowledge and customer commitment has resulted in Photo-Sonics International Ltd. becoming a leading partner in the defence and aerospace industry the world over.

Flight Test Instrumentation

Ruggedised and flight qualified data acquisition units, data recorders, and telemetry transmitters.

Space Launch Test Instrumentation

Data acquisition, telemetry transmitters, and video cameras suitable for Low Earth Orbit launch vehicles.

Airborne Video Systems

Rugged and qualified video cameras for airborne and military applications or use in harsh environments.

Photo Sonics Cine Sextant At Vandenberg AFB

Optical Tracking Systems

From the earliest days on the U.S. Test Ranges, Photo-Sonics has been delivering optical tracking systems known for their high performance, reliability, and versatility.

Ground Telemetry Instrumentation

The complete end to end solution including antennas, receivers, recorders, and mission control software.

Datatel Wireless Telemetry

Short Range Wireless Telemetry

Some instrumentation requires the placement of sensors on rotating parts highly unsuitable for a wiring loom.

MultiLED MX LED lighting for high speed photography

High Performance LED Lighting

A complete range of professional LED lighting for high speed imaging applications.

Airborne Network Switches

Rugged, fully managed, COTS, gigabit ethernet switches, routers and GPS time servers.

Image Systems' TEMA Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

DIC & Image Motion Analysis

2D, 3D, and 6DOF image analysis, and digital image correlation solutions.

Precision Timing Systems

Ensure your data and video is in sync with our range of IRIG time source generators, displays and IRIG video inserters.

ADV-300 Compact Series of Video Amplifiers / Splitters

Video Splitters

A range of ship and airborne video splitters.

PCAB Interference Blanker Unit

Interference Blankers

Interference Blanker Units (IBUs) permit the “simultaneous” operation of radar and RF transmissions.