Photo-Sonics Fly-Out Optical Tracking Systems at White Sands

Optical Tracking Systems


Photo-Sonics designs and manufactures optical tracking systems and gimbals used in a variety of applications including the test and evaluation of weapons and directed energy applications. From the earliest days on the U.S. Test Ranges, Photo-Sonics has been delivering optical tracking systems known for their high performance, reliability, and versatility. Notably, we are the world leaders in state-of-the-art Time-Space-Position-Information (TSPI) systems used to gather data for engineering analysis and documentation.

Fly-Out Optical Tracking Systems

The Fly-Out system is a high performance, mid-sized optical tracking system capable of tracking high-dynamic targets and capturing Time-Space-Position Information (TSPI) data.

Close-In Trailer Telescoping Tower

Close-In Optical Tracking System

Our Close-In system collects highly accurate Time-Space-Position-Information (TSPI) or Engineering Sequential Data (ESD) from high-dynamic airborne and ground based targets.

Mini Sextant

Mini-Sextant Tracking Mount

The Mini-Sextant provides four sensor stations for collection of highly accurate Time-Space-Position-Information (TSPI) or engineering Sequential Data (ESD) from high dynamic airborne targets.