Interference Blankers

Interference Blanker Unit

Interference Blanker Unit


Interference Blanker Units (IBUs) permit the “simultaneous” operation of radar and RF transmissions. Typically used on board military ships and aircraft, these line replaceable units (LRU’s) prevent interference between signals of the same or adjacent frequencies. When an IBU receives an input pulse from one of the many transmitters, the unit in turn distributes a “blanking” pulse to temporarily suppress the appropriate receivers.

Eon Instrumentation’s IBUs have been designed such that the input blanking pulses can be adjusted to suit the required trigger threshold, pulse width, and any delay of the suppression signal. The pulse width and delay signal can be combined into one or more outputs. Remember, connector types and impedance of an Eon IBU can be tailored when ordering.

Depending on the model, the threshold, width, and delay adjustments can be made using potentiometer controls on the unit or via a computer workstation to create a blanking map that is downloaded into the units memory.

Standard power input is 28 V DC (18 - 36) for airborne applications, and 115 V AC / 60 Hz three phase for larger shipboard applications.

Interference Blanker Units come qualified to the following military standards; MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-901D, DO160, and other applicable specifications.

Potentiometer Adjustable Units:

Model Signal Type Signal Conn­ector # Inputs # Outputs Comments
BCU-101/A,D TTL BNC 5 s/end 2 composite Used on small airborne platforms
BCU-102 TTL BNC 12 s/end 8 s/end + 1 composite Used on various platforms
BCU-103 Various MilS 9 s/end 5 composite Used on special mission aircraft
BCU-104 TTL BNC 16 s/end 8 s/end + 1 composite Used on radar ground stations

Computer Programmable Units:

Model Signal Type Signal Conn­ector # Inputs # Outputs Comments
PIBU-102 TTL BNC 18 s/end 18 s/end + 2 composite Uses field workstation computer
PCAB TTL / LVDS N-type 31 s/end 93 s/end + 8 composite Pre-Trigger Converter and Blanking for surface ship Aegis EW control
BCU-102A-1 TTL/td> TNC, MilS 4 std / 4 bidir 4 std / 4 bidir 4 disable discretes

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