Eurofighter with instrumented weaponry

Flight Test Instrumentation

Whether for use on-board military or civil aircraft, missiles, or space launch vehicles, reliable and rugged Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) is a vital for a successful test campaign.

With over 45 years of experience, our partners Safran Data Systems design and build FTI that performs reliably in the most challenging environments and meets the ever evolving needs in the aerospace industry.

Their equipment is the first choice with customers worldwide including Airbus, BAE Systems, Empire Test Pilot School, Leonardo Helicopters, MBDA, QinetiQ, and Rolls-Royce.

Modern Data Acquisition Units (DAU) will condition measurements from a variety of sensor including temperature, pressure, accelerometers, and strain gauges, etc., combine with aircraft bus and video, to broadcast over ethernet to a data recorder, telemetry transmitter, and or airborne computer for cockpit display.

Specialised wireless DAUs are now also available for use on helicopters. These can be fitted atop the rotor to transmit strain gauge and accelerometer measurements to an onboard recorder.

Our Modular Data Recorders (MDR) can act as a standalone DAU and data recorder combined, or can be used in combination with a DAU to extend the channel count, allowing a network of small DAUs to be deployed in the more remote and environmentally inhospitable areas of the aircraft.

Both Data Acquisition Units and Recorders are available as commercial off-the shelf (COTS) systems, and are non-ITAR. A specialist non-COTS version of DAU are available for missile testing.

Our FTI passes through MIL spec environmental stressing and QA testing to meet and exceed AS9100 before shipping.

μMA - Wireless Micro Modular Data Acquisition and Recording System

Micro Data Acquisition (μMA)

The μMA is a modular data acquisition and recording system equally suited both as a tool for airborne troubleshooting and as a component in a traditional flight test instrumentation suite.

Safran Data Systems XMA Flight Test Data Acquisition Unit

Data Acquisition Unit (XMA)

Modular DAU for flight test instrumentation from Safran Data Systems. The XMA is a modular system with options for multiple analogue and digital input data streams, with output formats including PCM Ch4, IRIG-106 Ch10 and IENA.

MDR8 Flight Test Data Recorder

Data Recorder (MDR)

The DATaRec® MDR family from Safran Data Systems continues to set the standard in flight test data recording. With a wide range of Analogue, Digital Input & Bus, Video, Hybrid, and Storage modules.

SDTX Aircraft Telemetry Transmitter

HyperLink Telemetry Transmitter

The HyperLink is a family of digital telemetry transmitter for aircraft, supporting PCM/FM, SOPQSK-TG and multi-h CPM modulations and providing either 5 W or 10 W output power in L, S, or C band.

Safran Data Systems XMA Rotor, wireless Data Acquisition Unit for rotors and propellers.

Data Acquisition Unit (XMA ROTOR)

Modular DAU designed specifically for mounting to the rotor head of a helicopter and flight proven with the Airbus RACER. Has the features of the XMA, and is powered by an inductive link.

MDR-GT Flight Test Data Recorder

Data Recorder (MDR-GT)

Canister style architecture and a mainframe build upon MDR technology provide the flight test engineer with a flexible configuration for almost all flight test applications and requirements. Extend wih addition MDR-GT or XMA data acquisition units.

Distributed Data Acquisition System - XMA-MDR Combo

A distributed data acquisition system can be created on an Ethernet backbone with XMA DAUs in remote locations on the aircraft, sending data back to an MDR or MDR-GT for recording.

eZ Software Suite

eZ is software suite for monitoring, configuration & checking of SDS on-board telemetry products & systems.