TEMA Classic Motion Analysis Software

Tema Classic Motion Analysis Software

TEMA Classic is the market-leading software suite for advanced Motion Analysis tests in research and industry. Thanks to its high accuracy, modular structure, calculation speed and intuitive user interface - TEMA Classic is used by professionals across the globe in a wide range of applications from drop testing smart phones to improving sport performances or even optimizing processes in the automotive and aeronautical industry through the tracking of trajectories.

TEMA Classic has a wide library of tracking algorithms included in its default package which allows to track almost any kind of objects in any situation. The algorithms are based on pattern recognition and/or levels of grey and allow tracking with sub-pixel accuracy.

2D tracking is the basic functionality of TEMA. Tracking a marker or an object in the image sequence using any algorithm from the available library will produce 2D pixel coordinates. Those 2D coordinates can then be used to calculate velocity, acceleration, distances and angles. They will also serve for basis when dealing with 3D or 6DoF calculations.

A wide variety of time synchronized diagrams and tables allow to display tracked data versus time, per frame or even in the frequency domain.

Here are some examples of TEMA point tracking in action

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