G8 Controller

MultiLED G8 Controller for use with Gen 3 lamps.

MULTILED G8 Controller

The MultiLED G8 is the control and power supply unit for up to eight QT, CT, IT, MT, LM, and ST MultiLED Lights ( MT, LM, and ST come with their own power supplies, so the G8 is for control only).

  • Up to 8 lamp heads.

  • Complete status display for each connected lamp head.

  • Up to 1.2 kW power supply.

  • Large LCD colour display.

  • Trigger and enable input.

  • (Optional) RS 485 remote control connection.

  • Rotary switch for easy menu navigation - camera specific power cable not included.

  • Camera power supply unit embedded / cable not included.

  • Standard version: desktop housing.

  • Optional version 1: 19“ rack mount housing 2U.

  • Option for all versions: RS485.

  • Huge selection of special feature power supplies available: desktop Rackmount, IP protection, high efficiency.

  • Trigger and Enable inputs: TTL, isolated, up to 8V, invertible.


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