MultiLED G9

MultiLED G9 Controller for High G LED lighting applications.

MULTILED G9 Controller and A1 LED Heads

The MultiLED G9 is a High-G LED solution consisting of a controller and up to nine A1 LED lamps.

  • G9 battery pack attached to G9 control unit (changeable).

  • Charging input in G9.

  • Strobe via trigger signal (TTL) down to 1 μs rise time and 2 μs fall time (invertable).

  • Enable input BNC TTL to override trigger in.

  • 30 seconds of continuous operation with 9 lamp heads at 100% power. Or more when pulsed.

  • OLED display control and monitoring.

  • 12,000 lm continuous output per head. Overdrive mode (pulsed) 16,000 lm.

  • 100G.


A1 High G LED Lights for high speed photography

MultiLED Lamp Head Index: MX - QX - QX Mini - CT - IT - LT - MT - PT - L5 - L7-XF - L48-XF - L180-XF - ZX - G9 - R100/R200 - G-S8

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