MultiLED L5

MultiLED L5 - Professional LED lighting for High Speed Photography


The MultiLED L5 is a 50,000 lumen (70,000 lm in overdrive) flat LED panel for pulsed operation down to strobe length of 1 µs. It can also be used for continuous operation when fitted with optional heat sink or fan.

  • White LED only.

  • Very homogenous illumination.

  • 15°, 30°, 50°, 60° or 115° FWHM lenses available.

  • OLED display and 3 button control.

  • Pulsed by TTL pulse duration, inverted TTL, pull up / pull down signal, selectable. Edge strobe mode with predefined pulse length and delay selectable.

  • Basic power supply 60 W with 5 m ODU push pull connector cable included

  • Overdrive mode: At low duty cycle overdrive mode with up to 70.000 lm can be used.


  • Longer cables or other cable types on request.

  • HF option: 200 ns delay 500 ns rise time.

  • IP67 housing optional.

  • High-G housing optional (100G).


MultiLED Lamp Head Index: MX - QX - QX Mini - CT - IT - LT - MT - PT - L5 - L7-XF - L48-XF - L180-XF - ZX - G9 - R100/R200 - G-S8

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