Cine-Sextant Optical Tracking Systems


Cine Sextant

The Photo-Sonics Cine-Sextant Tracking system provides a high performance, TSPI data gathering system in a rugged, mobile configuration.


The Cine-Sextant utilizes three custom, direct-drive torque motors: one 1800 foot-pound torque motor in the azimuth axis and two 550 foot-pound motors providing 1100 foot pounds of torque in the elevation axis. This high level of torque is provided to maintain maximum dynamic tracking accuracy and performance with heavy or unbalanced payloads. Four motorized jacks provide a wide footprint for a stable tracking base.


All major structural members including the base casting, azimuth carriage, and instrumentation platforms are cast of high strength aluminium alloy. The attachment hardware on the trailer is provided for lifting the system by crane or helicopter.


The Cine-Sextant is offered in both a man-in-the-mount and/or an unmanned configuration with complete remote control operation. In the unmanned configuration the customer has the option of configuring a centre platform for mounting additional payload such as a 34” aperture telescope and sensor suite.


Applications include;  Missile Launch, Ordnance Separation, Target Interception, Test Track, Take-Off and Landing.



  • High Degree of Accuracy
  • High Dynamics
  • Versatile Payload
  • Sidereal Rate Tracking
  • Star Calibration
  • Manned or Unmanned Operation
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Target Simulation
  • Diagnostic Software
  • Motorized or Manual Levelling Jacks
  • Four Top and Bottom Instrumentation Mounting Platforms
  • Camera Boresighting and Alignment
  • Adjustable Platform Height Provides for Balancing Equipment Load
  • Unique Direct AZ-EL Torque Motor Design
  • Optical Encoders Up to 23 Bit
  • Parallax and Elevation Adjustments
  • Built-in, Selectable, Dual-Power Sighting Scope (8, 15, or 24X) with Lighted Reticule
  • Dynamic Braking
  • Open Sight Acquisition Aid with Lighted Reticule



  • Digital and Film Cameras
  • IR Cameras
  • Tracking Video
  • Acquisition Video
  • Radar: Tracking - Range
  • Laser Rangefinder


Video Gallery:


Cine-Sextant - Delta Booster Rocket Separation
This video was taken with a Cine-Sextant and shows the long-range tracking of a Delta missile and the separation of the solid-rocket boosters. These images were captured using a 20-inch diameter RC telescope and SWIR camera.



For more technical details, contact a member of the team at Photo-Sonics International Ltd.




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