IRIG Video Inserters


IRIG Video Inserters

You have video cameras on your test range or on board your aircraft. You need to know exactly when each frame of that video occured. Perhaps you also need to see some measurement data or other overlay at the same time.

Information Technology Systems (ITS) products can overlay or insert IRIG time, data, text & graphics into multiple video streams as required. Systems are available to be installed as rack-mount units, vehicle and airframe mount.



Click to enlarge - Model 6041K / GPS Kronos HD 1-Chnl KLV Microsecond Time Stamp HD Video Inserter with GPS

A single channel minimalist HD-SDI inserter with ruggedized design intended to be mounted at the mount or a moving vehicle. Enabling microsecond time accuracy, with the additional benefit of measuring latency of the video path. Inserting time at the camera is essential to maintaining optimal accuracy of your test.


Model 6055C-nGHD HD Video and Data Insertion System

The 6055C is an high precision multi-channel HD-SDI video insertion system designed for test range applications.  This system decodes time from an incoming GPS signal and inserts IRIG-B time code into the image and the metadata of each image frame.


Click to enlarge - Model 6115 GPS Synchronized Time Code Generator

Model 6115G-8V2 GPS Synchronised Miniature Time Code Generator & Video Inserter

The Model 6115G-8V2 GPS Synchronised Miniature Time Code Generator provides an IRIG B time code output derived from GPS and also inserts a time message into two applied asynchronous video signals. The time code output is synchronised with UTC time unless a time offset has been programmed. A twelve channel GPS receiver automatically acquires all in-view satellites upon power up and locks an internal IRIG B time code generator to the GPS time reference. If the GPS lock is lost the 6115G-8 will automatically switch to an internal clock and continue generating the output IRIG B signal.


The 6115G-8V2 is housed in an aluminum enclosure, 7.5 inches long (including mounting flanges), 4.25 inches wide and 2.2 inches high. All controls, connectors and indicators are on the front panel.


Click to enlarge - Model 6980 and 6980A Dual Mode Video Insertion Generators

Model 6980 and 6980A Dual Mode Video Insertion Generators

The ITS Model 6980 and 6980A Video Insertion Generators provide for the insertion of alphanumeric messages and IRIG time into a standard RS-170 or NTSC video signal (6980) or RS-343, 875 line (6980A).


The 6980 is housed in a 1U, 19-inch wide, 1¾ inch high, 8-inch deep, rack mountable aluminum enclosure and is powered by 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz line.


Model 6980G-HD GPS Synchronised HD-SDI Video and Data Inserter

Model 6980G-HD GPS Synchronised HD-SDI Video and Data Inserter

The Model 6980G-HD is a video inserter designed to insert GPS or IRIG B time into an SDI video. The unit will sense an applied SDI signal and automatically adjust to 480i, 480p, 720p or 1080i formats. A time message is inserted which is derived from either the internal GPS receiver or an applied IRIG B time code signal.

When using GPS the unit automatically acquires all in-view satellites and locks an internal disciplined clock to the time reference. If an IRIG signal is used as a reference it is decoded and used to synchronize the clock. If the GPS or IRIG lock is lost the 6980G-HD will automatically continue to run on the internal clock.




For more technical details, contact a member of the team at Photo-Sonics International Ltd.




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