The Use of Image Motion Analysis in Firearms Applications

Weapons Analysis Firearm developers are continuously looking for new innovative solutions to improve their products (e.g. pistols, rifles, machine guns). Whether the purpose is hunting, sport or military, key characteristics of a firearm include its accuracy and functional reliability: A gentle recoil has a significant impact on the shooter’s experience and performance, and automatic and semi-automatic firearms always face the challenges of unintended firing (i.e. slamfire) and jamming due to a failing bolt action. Traditional testing of firearms is often limited to trial-and-error tests, resulting in long and costly development cycles.

The combination of a modern high-speed camera and TEMA provides a testing system with many advantages.

  • Modern high-speed cameras can record 5000+ frames per second in 1 MPixel resolution, resulting in a direct visual understanding of the test.
  • Analysis of parameters like recoil angle and bolt mechanism displacement, velocity and acceleration is based on automatic tracking of markers and features on the firearm.
  • No instrumentation needed. Good for testing prototypes, great for testing factory samples.
  • Subpixel tracking provides excellent spatial resolution. Displacement can be mearured with up to +-0.04 mm accuracy in a 200 mm window, using 1 MPixel images. (Scales linearily for larger windows.)
  • Analysed data is inherently synchronized with the images. An an option it is even possible to import external data from other sensors, e.g. gas pressure sensors, into TEMA, in order to synchronize all available data for analysis.
  • An option is available for 6DOF analysis. 6DOF is used to analyse the displacement of the firearm’s centre of gravity in 3D (x, y, z), as well as its attitude angles (roll, pitch, yaw). The 6DOF technique requires multiple markers on the firearm, but only one camera.

Data presentation

TEMA Firearms Analysis

The analysed data can be plotted in tables and graphs of all kinds, as well as be exported to image sequences for easy-to-use presentation possibilities.

The software also allows the user to export the tracked video and data (tables and graphs) directly to a video format such as AVI.  Please take a look at the example video file below.

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