CMA - Data Acquisition for New Space

CMA Data Acquisition Unit


The best Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) data acquisition and telemetry solution for Low Earth Orbit space launch vehicles, missile testing, or other application where highly ruggedized and EMI hardened acquisition is required.

Sharing many features with the XMA upon which it is based, the CMA from SAFRAN Data Systems has enhanced EMI immunity and higher EMC. With its compact and ruggedized design, the CMA is the ideal fit for remote data acquisition in those harsh and tight spaces found in missiles and space launch vehicles. The CMA has the smallest effective size per sensor ratio available and offers highly versatile acquisition modules to easily tailor the instrumentation for each specific application. Acquisition modules perform highly accurate measurement, signal conditioning, serial interface, and bus monitoring. Modules also offer recording, GPS reception, tailored interfaces and a built-in transmitter allows for an all-in-one-box implementation. The on-board processing module can provide pre-processing of data and even fully-programmable command and control interfaces to an external system.

Key Features:

- Harsh Environments: 

-45°C / +85°C, waterproof, shocks, vibration, lightning, EMI/EMC

- INET Ready:

UDP communication, IEEE1588 synchronization, SNMP

- Ultra Compact & Generic:

Generic analogue module, 2x3’’ / 51x76 mm, from 1 to 16 modules per stack

- Easy to Configure:

eZ software suite, XML schema ( iNET, MDL)

- High Data Rate Accuracy:

0.1% FSR in extreme temperature range

- Multi-format Outputs:

PCM Chapter 4, Chapter 7, Low Latency Video, Chapter 10, UDP


Comprising of either one of two core unit which consists of a power supply and PCU, acquisition modules are added to suit the requirements of the test. See diagram below.


2" x 3" form factor

XMA Core8 - Small to medium data acquisition unit

  • 1 Central Processing Unit
  • 1 Power Supply
  • 1 cover plate to enclose the module stack
  • Up to 8 modules

XMA Core16 - Medium to large data acquisition unit

  • 1 Central Processing Unit
  • 2 Power Supplies
  • Up to 16 modules
CMA Module


A comprehensive range of modules are available for CMA, see list below.  Each CMA modules has a 2" x 3" form factor and incorporate the same form field workable connector for ease of integration in existing flight test networks.

Analogue Acquisition Modules

CMA ABC - 8 Quarter/Half Bridge Channels

• 120Ω, 350Ω and 1000Ω full bridge strain gauges
• 120Ω, 350Ω and 1000Ω full bridge strain gauges
• 350Ω Quater bridge strain gauges
• PT100 temperature sensor

CMA ANA - 8 Universal Analogue Channels

•Analogue signals (differential or single-ended) with or without excitation.
•Thermocouples (type K, J, T, E, N)
•RTD including linearization (PT50, PT100, PT1000)
•Full bridge strain gauges
•IEPE/ICP accelerometers, TEDS IEEE1451.4 compliant

CMA CAA - 4 Piezo-Accelerometer Channels

• Acquisition of high temperature piezoelectric accelerometers in harsh environment (aircraft wings, engines, …).
• Connects directly to piezo accelerometer without external conditioning
• 3 input ranges: ± 100 pC, ± 700 pC, ± 7000 pC

CMA HDA - 16 Single/Diff Analogue Channels

• 16 independent differential or single-ended analogue inputs: Up to ±0.1% FSR accuracy
• Thermocouples (type K, J, T, E, N)
• ±8mV to ±10.24V programmable input range
• DC to 20kHz analogue bandwidth (±10mdB typ.)
• Iso-synchronous sampling across multiple DAUs
• Digital zoom and rescale on each channel
• FIR or IIR or unfiltered per channel
• ESD/Lightning protected

XMA HDH - 16 High Voltage Analogue Channels

• 16 independent differential or single-ended analogue inputs: Up to ±0.05% FSR accuracy
• ±32mV to ±40.96V programmable input range
• DC to 20kHz analogue bandwidth (±25mdB typ.)
• Iso-synchronous sampling across multiple DAUs
• Digital zoom and rescale on each channel
• Up to 3 parallel filtering for each of the 8 channels: Unfiltered, IIR, FIR
• ESD/Lightning protected

XMA SCN - 2 Scanner Channels

• Pressure scanner
• Voltage scanner
• Temperature scanner
• Two differential analogue inputs
• Two 7-bits address lines for external multiplexers channel selection: TTL or CMOS5V; CMOS12V
• ±1024mV / ±2048mV / ±5.12V / 10.24V ranges better than ±0.25% FSR accuracy
• Compatible with ESP 16-HD/32HD/64HD (Conventional or DTC):

XMA THC - 8 Thermocouple Channels

• Acquire wide ranges of temperatures with good accuracy
• Thermocouple K, J, T, E and N (other on request)
• Accuracy better than ±2°C for type K
• Restitution up to 128 samples per second
• Digital IIRB8 filtering
• ESD/Lightning protected
• Cold Junction Temperature status available

XMA VDA - 2 Analogue Video & Audio Channels

• Two independent Analogue video signals
    ◦ Analogue SDTV video formats
    ◦ (NTSC 525i (RS-170 & RS- 170A))
    ◦ S-Video, Y/C or CVBS
    ◦ NTSC or PAL
• Two independent Audio signals

XMA VDT - 4 x LVDT/RVDT Channels

• Support excitation sensing and secondary coil sensing (aka. 2-wire or 4-wire configuration)
• Support secondary coil sensing with middle point (aka. 3-wire or 5-wire configuration)
• ±8mV to ±10.24V programmable input range
• From 300Hz to 5kHz carrier frequency (Contact ZDS for specific need)
• Output displacement parameter in percentage: ±100%
• Up to ±0.25% FSR accuracy
• Up to 100Hz core displacement

Digital Acquisition Modules

XMA AFX - AFDX ARINC664-7 Acquisition Module

• AFDX frame acquisition with parsing features
• Two single or one dual redundant 10/100BASE-TX input ports for AFDX acquisition
• Error detection (MAC, AFDX, IP, UDP layers)
• Filtering based on Virtual Links (VLs), AFDX Ports
• Up to 256 VLs per input port
• Up to 1024 AFDX Ports per input port
• Airbus flavour of AFDX. Other format on request

XMA ARC - 16 ARINC 429 Channels

• ARINC-429 frame acquisition with parsing features
• 16 differential ARINC-429 input channels
• Up to ±30V differential input range
• Differential input impedance > 30kΩ
• High/Low bus speed independently configurable per input channel or automatic bus speed detection
• 1024 programmable filters per input channel
• Internal time stamping with a 1μs resolution
• Lightning protection (DO-160G)

XMA CAN - 4 CAN Channels

• Four Controller Area Network (CAN) acquisition channels
• Bus Frame Identifier: CAN 2.0A, CAN 2.0B (11 or 29 bits)
• Maximum bus bitrate: 1Mbps / channel (Bitrate selectable on each channel)
• Differential input impedance > 30kΩ
• High/Low bus speed independently configurable per input channel or automatic bus speed detection
• Message counters / Error counters available
• 1μs Rx Frame time-stamp resolution
• Lightning protection (DO-160G)

XMA DAB - 16 Discrete Monopolar Inputs

• Synchronous Event Sampling
• Asynchronous Event Detection
• Frequency, Counter, (asynchronous or synchronous) Period Measurement, Duty Cycle Measurement
• 16 monopolar inputs
• Up to 50V analogue input range
• 2 independent programmable thresholds per input (hysteresis skill, 16-bits DAC)
• Differential input impedance > 200 kΩ

XMA IPX - 2 Ethernet Acquisition Channels

• Network telemetry traffic spying
• Data acquisition from sensors with Ethernet UDP output
• Data acquisition from TCP communications between two hosts
• Two independent 10Base-T / 100 Base-TX 802.3 Ethernet input ports
• Two independent acquisition, filtering and extraction flows
• Simultaneous protocol handling per input port
• Support of Unicast / Multicast / Broadcast addressing at Network layers (IPV4)

XMA MIL - 4 MIL-STD-1553 Channels

• 4 independent (or 2 redundant) MIL-STD-1553B bus monitoring with native 1553 electrical level or 2 independent (or 1 redundant) MIL-STD-1553B bus monitoring with RS422 electrical level.
• Short (direct coupling) or long (transformer coupling) stub.
• Parsing on all 1553 message types.
• Message time stamping on parity bit of the first word of the message (with 1μs resolution).
• Lightning protection (DO-160G).

XMA MRC - 4 MIL-STD1553 / RS-X / CAN Channels

• One single module for three types of digital bus acquisitions (exclusive per firmware)
• Up to 4 x MIL-STD-1553 acquisitions
• Up to 4 x RS422/485 acquisitions
• Up to 4 independent CAN buses (native CAN or RS-CAN)

XMA RSD - 4 x RS 232/ 422 / 485, 16 Differential or Unipolar Discrete Channels

• Synchronous Event Sampling
• Asynchronous Event Detection
• Frequency, Counter, (asynchronous or synchronous) Period Measurement, Duty Cycle Measurement
• Pulse Totalizer Counter Measurement (non-volatile and resettable): PTC
• Additional Frequency to Digital Converter Measurement: FDC2
• Point to point or network RS422/485 frames acquisition with filtering features

XMA RSX - 4 x RS-232/422/485 Channels

• Up to 4 RS422/485 asynchronous channels
• Up to 2 RS422/485 synchronous channels (Data + Clock)
• Up to 4 RS232 asynchronous channels
• Up to 2 RS422 PCM synchronous channels (Data+Clock), up to 20Mbps
• NRZ (L,M,S), RNRZ-L (scrambled NRZ-L), Bi-L,M,S
• Customization of RS processing available on demand

Other Modules

XMA DMY - Dummy Module

• This module is dedicated to be used as a spacer to replace any other module in order to keep constant the DAU mechanical form factor.

XMA ETH - Ethernet Module

• Network telemetry
• Remote monitoring, configuration and control of the DAU when direct USB connection not applicable
• PTP synchronization
• High performance, low latency IRIG106 Chapter 10 UDP streaming
• High performance, low latency IENA streaming

XMA GPS - GNSS Receiver

• 2 trajectory tracking modes:
    ◦ GNSS L1-C/A acquisition
    ◦ External NMEA frames acquisition
• 2 simultaneous modes for PVT output:
    ◦ NMEA frames
    ◦ Decoded parameters
• Absolute dating and DAU system synchronization

XMA NEX - Network Extender Module

• Telemetry data streams’ aggregation to network root
• Time & synchronization propagation across network
• Monitoring, Configuration and Control protocol propagation across network
• 5 Ethernet 10/100Mbps downlink ports (source port)
• 1 Ethernet 10/100Mbps uplink port (aggregation port)

XMA OBP - On-board Processing Module

• User defined digital processing
• Maximize customization capabilities of your FTI: Using any synchronous and asynchronous measurements across the system as input operands
• Generate computation results as new measurements available in the whole FTI system (TM, recording, display,...).
• Optimize TM bandwidth with smart on-board data reduction

XMA PCM - PCM Output Stream

• This module is used to encode acquired data from any XMA module in an redunded IRIG-106 Ch.4 PCM stream.
• The PCM module is an extension of CPU module that extend its PCM features.

XMA RCD - 32Gb Recording Module

• Data recording for captive flight without real time ETH streaming nor PCM output
• Critical data recovery
• Up to 20Mbps data recording throughput
• Optioanl dongle for removable MicroSD card recording

XMA TRS - S-Band Transmitter

• Telemetry system for launch vehicles, UAV, fixed and rotary wings aircraft, missiles, ground vehicles or fixed stations.
• S band frequency.
• Output power from 5mW to 5W minimum.
• Programmable modulations (IRIG 106): Tier 0 (PCM/FM), Tier I (SOQPSK-TG).
• Bit rate up to 40Mbps.

XMA WLS - Wireless Link Module Transmitter

• Wireless link between XMA DAUs for, data transmission, synchronization and configuration.
• Instrumentation of moving parts of a test vehicle like the rotor of an helicopter rotors and the horizontal stabilizer of an airplane, or remote areas like engines, landing gears, etc…

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