LED Lighting for High-Speed Imaging.

GS ViTec’s mission is to build things that work the way you wish they would. More that 10 years ago they began creating turnkey systems and lighting components to provide the perfect illumination for their clients. Since then GS ViTec have been helping businesses in a myriad of industries around the world to reach their own goals by offering a range of LED lighting for long term high speed video recording and machine vision.

MultiLED products cover all applications of high speed camera and many applications in the machine vision market. Some family members cover sub microsecond exposure time, monochromatic light or give you enough light to fully close the camera aperture with microsecond exposure times. Designed with a decade of experience and on the shoulders of a thousand customer projects, MultiLED products offer ultra-strong lighting at affordable prices.

If you want great lighting for Motion Analysis, Digital Image Correlation, or Motion Amplification, even at the highest frame rates, there is a MultiLED solution for you.

MultiLED lighting is available in four different categories: Standard, Extreme, High G and Macro.


Standard Lighting

GS ViTec MultiLED CT lighting


  • Exchangeable lenses
  • 12,000 Lumen White
  • 200 ns strobe
GS ViTec MultiLED IT lighting


  • Exchangeable lenses
  • IR or UV LED
  • 200 ns strobe
GS ViTec MultiLED MT lighting


  • Exchangeable lenses
  • 50.000 Lm white
  • 200 ns strobe
GS ViTec MultiLED QT


  • Continuous and pulsed
  • Exchangeable lenses
  • Compact size
GS ViTec MultiLED ST


  • Continuous light
  • 7,000 Lumens
  • Very compact size
GS ViTec MultiLED LT


  • Continuous light
  • Option : colour LED
  • Long lifetime (50,000 hrs +)
GS ViTec MultiLED PT


  • Continuous and pulsed
  • 30% overdrive when pulsed
  • Option : colour LED
GS ViTec MultiLED LT Mini

MultiLED LT Mini

  • Continuous light
  • Small size
  • Option : colour LED


Extreme Performance Lighting

GS ViTec MultiLED L60 Extreme LED Lighting

MultiLED L60

  • 400,000 lm continuous
  • Colour LED available
  • Changeable lenses
GS ViTec MultiLED L180/XF Extreme LED Lighting

MultiLED L180/XF

  • 1,800,000 lm overdrive
  • Changeable lenses
  • Down to 250 ns strobe
GS ViTec MultiLED L5

MultiLED L5

  • Continuous and pulsed
  • Down to 1 μs strobe
  • 70,000 lm overdrive
GS ViTec MultiLED L7

MultiLED L7

  • High-G or IP67 options
  • Down to 160 ns strobe
  • 150,000 lm overdrive
GS ViTec MultiLED LM


  • Customize your LED Light
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Extremely powerful
GS ViTec MultiLED L48-XF Extreme LED Lighting

MultiLED L48-XF

  • 512,000 lm
  • Changeable lenses
  • Down to 250 ns strobe


High G Lighting

GS ViTec G9 Controller

G9 Battery & Controller

  • Supplies power for up to 9 "A1" lamp heads
  • 30 seconds of continuous operation


Macro Lighting

GSVT MultiLED R100/R200 Macro Lighting

MultiLED R100/200

  • Several million Lux in the focus point.
  • BNC, TTL, pulse width controlled up to 30 kHz.
GSVT MultiLED R-S8 Lighting

MultiLED R-S8

  • For macro and microscopy.
  • Motorized adjustable working distance.



For a more details contact Photo-Sonics International.





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