LED Lighting for High-speed Imaging.

Photo-Sonics are pleased to offer a High power LED lighting system for high-speed imaging applications.  The system consists of a tripod mounted LED light head containing an array of 24 high-power LED's. Each LED produces high-intensity cold light output with high stability, it is ideal for high-speed imaging applications.  Each individual LED contains a focusing lens, which determines the light coverage.  There are a range of focusing lenses available to meet a range of coverage requirements.

Each LED light head can be controlled as a stand alone unit or connected with the MultiLED G300 power supply.  This unit controls up to three LED light heads and offers the possibility to vary the output intensity, synchronise with camera frame rate, trigger externally or provide a pulsed output.

White light LEDs are most commonly supplied.  However, green, blue, red and near IR LEDs can be supplied upon request.

Lamp Heads



  • 24 High power LEDs, 84 Watt, 24 Volt (7,700 Lumen total)
  • Robust and highly available XLR jack
  • Environmental protection: as IP20
  • Alternative: other IP categories on request
  • b o t t om 1 / 4 - inch standard thread for photographic accessories and mount
  • Lenses: standard round angle 11°
  • Alternative: 13° or 30° or 40°or 180°. Can also be changed after sales on request. Dimensions: 160*117*80 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1,1 kg
  • Alternative/ Accessory: longer cables or other cable types on request, green, red or blue LED on request, IP class on request

Multi LED Light

 MultiLED PT

  • A variant of the MultiLED LT, the FT offers a strobe input ( BNC TTL, invertable) and a potentiometer to control brightness, working in strobed and in continuous light mode.
  • Min. flash time e.g. 30 usec white, 1 usec green. Shorter on request.

MultiLED PT a variant of the MultiLED LT


  • A variant of MultiLED LT, the FT has an additional BNC input for TTL signals. The flash time (starting on first flank) can be regulated in a pre-selected range ( before order) e.g. from 50 to 250 ms.

MultiLED FT a variant of the MultiLED LT

MultiLED R100 Ring Light

  • 150 W LED Power focused in 100 mm distance to a spot of 30*30mm. Other working distances on request.
  • Inner radius 39mm, outer radius 70 mm, height 70 mm incl. connectors. 2*standard 1/4“ threads on the side (90° to each other)
  • ŸWeight: 950 g
  • ŸPassively cooled , 10 % duty cycle or up to 2 min. operation
  • ŸBNC, TTL, pulse width trigger
MultiLED R100 Ring Light

MultiLED U80

  • back light for microscopy and small object handling purposes
  • Ÿwork surface 50*50 mm with IR filter, hardened-glass.
  • Ÿpulse width trigger, BNC TTL input
  • Ÿ100 W ac/dc power supply
  • ŸDimensions:150x100x45 mm (LWH). Weight 800g
U80 Backlight

IR and UV Versions

  • Infrared and ultraviolet versions are available on request.



MultiLED Set

  • A ready to use package consisting of 2 MultiLED LT lamp heads, 1 MultiLED G300, 2x XLR cables (5 m), 2 Manfrotto tripods, 2 Manfrotto tilt swivel heads and one bag containing all the equipment.

 MultiLED Package

Power Supplies

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Basic Power supply

  • Delivered with the MultiLed LT, FT and High G, this power adapter has an XLR cable jack.


MultiLED G300

  • Supplies power for up to 3 MultiLED LT or High-G lamp heads

  • Separate brightness control for each lamp head

  • Strobe via trigger signal (TTL) down to 30µs (white) or 1 µs ( colour)

  • Trigger in: BNC, optically isolated, 5V/ 1.2mA up to 30 Volt/12 mA or switch

  • Trigger out to chain and trigger more than one generator

  • Rugged XLR connectors

  • Dimensions: 330*185*160 mm without stand

  • Weight: approx. 5 kg

 MultiLED G300

Custom power supplies

  • Special applications as IP class or multi lamp head can be tailored. Generators with more than 3 outputs, other Lamp heads and/ or IP protection class customisable.

 Custom PSU



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