BSS Best Source Selector

BSS Best Source Selector


Safran Data Systems Best Source Selector (BSS) is the perfect tool to select the best Telemetry source received from multiple antennas tracking the same airframe, in real time.


The BSS automates selection of the best telemetry stream from 4 to 16 sources (depending on the model) based on signal quality, frame synchronization status, majority vote or signal quality data transmitted from the receivers using DQE/DQM protocol as defined in IRIG 106.

Input of the BSS can also be directly through Ethernet using IRIG 106 chapter 10 or IRIG 218-20 protocols, in which case the receivers have to transmit in the same format. Output of the BSS can be either PCM data & clock signals, or Ethernet output using IRIG Ch10 format over UDP or IRIG218-20 format.

The BSS extensive capabilities in paths alignment & delay compensation makes the best source selection possible whatever are the locations of the antennas, and copes with any range infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Any Input Signal: Analogue (Video) or PCM (Data) interface 2, 4 or 8 inputs.

  • Any Output signal: Data output on multiple PCM (Data & Clock, TTL or RS422) and on Ethernet according to IRIG 106 Chapter 10.

  • Multiple Selection: Selection based on analogue signal quality, majority vote, frame synchronization, DQE/DQM…

  • Easy Integration: 2U or 4U rackable chassis depending on configuration, Local (using KVM) & Remote user friendly GUI.

  • DQE/DQM: Selection of the best source based on DQM information inserted by the TM receiver so TM receiver agnostic.

  • Mission Critical: Redundant power supply & design based on Safran Data Systems Cortex experience.


BSS Best Source Selector Configuration

Ground Telemetry Product Menu : Comtrack Antenna - Tri-Band Feed - Sparte Antenna - RTR-X1 - RTR-X4 - BSS - RSR - GMDR - TM Maestro Software

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