RTR-X1 Compact Telemetry Receiver

RTR-X1  Compact Telemetry Receiver


The RTR-X1 Compact Radio Telemetry Receiver from SAFRAN Data Systems is a compact dual channel telemetry receiver with pre-D combiner that covers all IRIG frequency bands and all IRIG-specified modulations.

This COTS product is based on the Cortex RTR-X4 technology bricks and inherits the renowned RF performance and signal processing capability of the Cortex series.

The RTR-X-1 is designed for test ranges scenarios requiring mobility but without compromise on features to maximise data availability.


RTR-X1 features 3 colour screens on the front panel to display the spectrum, the eye diagram or the constellation diagram, and one of these screens can be used, associated to the keypad, to navigate through menus to setup the equipment as well as to store or recall a complete set of parameters.

An external screen and keyboard/mouse, or a rackable KVM, can also be used and provides the same GUI as the one of the Cortex RTR-X4. The RTR-X1 can also be controlled remotely through TCP/IP with the same GUI.

The RTR-X1 is supporting any type of telemetry signal in P-, C-IF, L-, S- and C-band with 2 channels. It is used for both high dynamics tracking and telemetry. Careful filtering design and state of the art signal acquisition allows the RTR-X1 to have excellent adjacent channel rejection, better AGC regulation and high dynamics (>90dB). One direct consequence is its capacity to maintain auto-track of the tracking antenna much farther as the AGC and AM signals can be retrieved at a lower SNR.

Not only the RTR-X1 features a choice of 29 IF filters (from 3kHz to 40MHz) but customized filters can also be implemented by firmware upgrade to better fit the customer specific application.

In addition to a high-performance pre-D combiner (available in Frequency and Polarization diversity) and Post-D combiner, the RTR-X1 features a multi-mode demodulator (FM, PM, AM, BPSK, QPSK, SOQPSK, Multi-symbol FM, Multi-h CPM, subcarriers, STC and even COFDM, the waveform being activated by firmware upgrade), three 30Mbps bit synchronizers, and a full set of outputs and inputs. Tape down conversion is also available as per the IRIG recommendations.

The RTR-X1 benefits from very sensitive multi-mode demodulators (in terms of BER and locking threshold), as well as very short (re)acquisition time following a signal loss, and an outstanding Adaptive Equalizer for multipath mitigation.

The receiver offers also all the correction modes used in telemetry, i.e. Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, Turbo-codes and LDPC, and can provide Data Quality information to a Best Source Selector using the DQE/DQM scheme as specified in IRIG 106.

A special option on the RTR-X1 allows the pre-d combining of two IF 70MHz signals played back from the Cortex RSR into the RTR-X1 along with their digital AGC signals.

Finally, the RTR-X1 has the capacity to frame synchronize the telemetry data and then distribute on Ethernet (TCP-IP or UDP) the synchronized telemetry data time stamped with the IRIG-B time. The output format could be a proprietary SAFRAN DATA SYSTEMS format (however widely used by different decommutation software) or as per IRIG 106 chapter 10 standard or IRIG 218-20 standard. Then, a telemetry processing software such as SAFRAN DATA SYSTEMS eZ Processing running on a COTS PC computer, can be used to process and extract the parameters.

Key Features

  • NEW Full Band Visibility: Spectrum analysis of the whole telemetry band.

  • NEW Test Signal Generator: With both internal and external signal for short and long loop.

  • Dual-channel receiver

  • Full band coverage: P / C-IF / L / S / C

  • All IRIG demodulation schemes: PCM-FM / MS-FM / SOQPSK / M-H CPM

  • All decoders: Viterbi / Reed-Solomon / LDPC

  • LR and HR equalizer

  • Small, Light and Robust

  • No compromise on performance: State of the art as with the RTR-X4

  • Remote Control: Intuitive GUI reachable through TCP-IP.

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