TM Maestro Telemetry Mission Controller

TM Maestro


TM Maestro Telemetry Mission Controller is an application developed by SAFRAN Data Systems to provide Test Ranges with a capability to monitor and control all telemetry related equipment used by the operators to carry out a Flight Test trial, whether the telemetry data shall be collected, recorded, broadcasted or displayed.

Maestro can monitor and control any number of antennas, receivers, recorders, BSS, decommutation systems, boresights, and even ancillary equipment such as weather stations, UPS, diesel generators etc. Use of TMC is not limited to SAFRAN Data Systems product, provided a widget is available any third party equipment can be connected and operated from Maestro.

Maestro provides macro-functions enabling easy handling of the main tasks. It may do this by performing complex operations, simultaneously with multiple equipment.

Maestro does not enable the full functionality and control of the equipment that would be available via its dedicated GUI. However it does provide the selection of the main controls of the equipment enabling easy and fast access during a trail. Should a parameter not be available in Maestro for a specific piece of equipment, this could be requested as a special development.

The following video provides an excellent introduction into the capabilities of Maestro.

Video Gallery:

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