Tri-band Antenna Feed

Tri-Band Feed

With the migration of flight test telemetry towards C-band, most users are looking at a solution coping with their immediate requirements (L-band and S-band) but also offering a reliable, cost effective and truly usable C-band capability.

The Safran Data Systems tri-band antenna feed offers the best match of technology, performance and price with a patented highly miniaturised common L/S/C radiating front end fitted with a modular set of active RF modules. Therefore, the feed is able to receive signals and track simultaneously in each band with a small and light-weight enough enclosure so that it may be mounted on dishes as small as 6 feet (1.8m).

The revolutionary aspect of this solution is the ability for the customer to get the system only with the active RF modules for the bands he is immediately interested in (and therefore paying only for that), and to upgrade on-site at a later stage for an extra band, such as the C-band.

With 8 radiating elements for the tracking the feed offers a perfect axial symmetry for the Delta channel (equivalent to TE21), and consequently improving the tracking experience and performance.

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