RSR Radio Signal Recorder

RSR Radio Signal Recorder


The RSR offers direct recording and reproducing of RF and IF signals (in L or S-band).  Based on the Cortex architecture, the RSR is a digital recorder allowing the capture and reproduction of the raw analogue telemetry signal received at the antenna before any processing.  With its ability to store the RF signal, there is no need for up-stream TM receiver to perform the down-conversion providing an unprecedented data safety during the mission.

In addition to RF, IF, PCM, AGC, audio and IRIG-B time signals can be simultaneously recorded and reproduced.  In the latest version SAFRAN Data Systems have introduced enhanced capacities with RAID disk redundancy, extended bandwidth to 6.4Gbps and 90dB dynamic range.

Thanks to it’s IF front end agility, the RSR can record any signals from 0 to 70MHz making it ideal for SIGINT and COMINT applications as well as for the support of legacy IF's and tape / pre-d recording (0-10 MHz and 20MHz).

The RSR offers the capacity to recover missing or corrupted data by reproducing the recorded mission signal while adjusting the receiving chain setups. In addition, this signal can be used as a reference to qualify and test your ground station architecture before operation.  RSR relies on high speed sampling and direct digital IF processing offering unequalled synchronisation, fidelity and flexibility.

Key Features

  • RF or IF Recording:
    Record Telemetry Signal as close as possible to the antenna for Highest Data Availability

  • 8.4" Screen:
    Intuitive GUI, Keyboard and Touchpad

  • All Types of Signals:
    RF or IF Telemetry, Wide Band Analog, PCM Streams, AGC & IRIG Time

  • CH.10 Recording Format:
    All Recordings done according to Ch10 Standard

  • Pre-flight Station Check: 
    Long Loop Check Secure Station Settings while Replaying Previous Flight Records

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